Rnewable Energy Solution

Solar Energy Services!

Implementation of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) projects

Pak Solar has critical expertise in renewable energy, from concept decision making to hands-on operations.

Pakistan Solar’s ability to combine a deep understanding of traditional energy technologies and systems, renewables, and their enablers is particularly valued by our customers. We marry the experience and maturity of the past with future needs, allowing renewables to meet and exceed expectations of both energy markets and asset owners.

These extensive services utilize a broad experience base and cover diverse roles, such as:

Solar Power System for Home and Offices
Solar Energy Solution for Petrol Pumps
Solar Power Solution for Hospital
Solar Energy Solution for Advertiser; Billboards, Bus Stop Stands and etc
Solar Power Solution for Water parks, family parks and etc
Solar Power Solution for Streets, Parks and buildings solar street lights
Solar Energy Solutions for Agriculture in Pakistan (Agriculture Solar)
Solar Power Solutions for Drip Irrigation System (Agriculture Solar)
Solar Power Solutions for Flood Irrigation(Agriculture Solar)
Hydropower System for remote areas
Wind Farm Solutions + Hybrid System (Wind + PV)
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Lighten for AllDC Portable Solar Kit Systems for remote areas
DC Portable Solar Kit Systems for Shops / moveable shops, Home, Offices and etc

Pak Solar Services provides prompt and free-of-charge services on your premises, with the visit of its Consultant Engineers for a first briefing about the system you are interested in. By inspecting your premises, our Technical Consultant will collect all necessary information in order to plan with you the most flexible solution that matches your requirements.

Solar Power Systems

Solar Power System Animation

Micro Hydropower Systems

micro hydro power system diagram

Solar Pump for Irrigation

Solar Water Pump Systems for Irrigation

Wind Turbine Systems

Wind Turbine Systems

Solar Street Lights

solar Street Lights Solutions